About 1NCE

1NCE is an IoT connectivity only provider

Disruptive Pricing Model

1NCE IoT Flat Rate - Pre-paid model for IoT devices
IoT Flat Rate
All necessary features (SIM card, Data plan, SMS etc.) included, no extra costs
Fully transparent pricing (OPEX to CAPEX)

IoT Native

Focus on IoT connectivity
All products and service developed for IoT purpose only
Management Team with 20 years of M2M and IoT experience
Company belief driven by disruptive mindset

Facts & Numbers



We already have over 200 employees who are working together to support even more companies in their IoT projects with 1NCE.



At the end of 2017, 1NCE was launched by its founders and half a year later the world’s first IoT flat rate was launched.



In addition to our headquarter in Cologne (DE), we are also represented in Hamburg (DE), Riga (LV), London (UK), Miami (US), Paris (FR), Rome (IT), Amsterdam (NL), Warsaw (PL) and Hong Kong (HK).



More than 7,000 customers have already used our IoT solution for their projects and this number is growing constantly.

SIMs in management


1NCE already manages more than 10 million SIM card connections and have made numerous IoT projects possible.

1NCE In A Nutshell

1NCE is the global Tier-1 IoT Carrier specialized in providing managed connectivity services for low bandwidth IoT applications such as Asset Tracking, Tank Monitoring, Vehicle Telematics, Smart Metering and Waste Management.


1NCE cooperates with the leading operators in order to guarantee Tier-1 carrier grade connectivity services across Europe as well as in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


1NCE has a team of 200 employees in 10 countries all over the world and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, where it was founded in 2017.

1NCE Partner

Strategic partnership

1NCE is building upon a strong network of know-how partners. As a strategic partner of Deutsche Telekom AG, we have the full power of the Group behind us, combining it with the agility of an IoT Native company:

Access to network infrastructure
Roaming partner network
Extensive knowledge base in telecommunication business